Luca Dell’Anna Trio

Luca Dell’Anna Trio – “La Decima Puerta” feat. Nicola Bruno, Israel Varela
Vigevano Jazz Festival 2015

Luca Dell'Anna - piano

Ivo Barbieri - bass

Israel Varela - drums 

Photos by Vale Ghiro

“Symbiont” – Album Teaser – w/Danilo Gallo, bass & Michele Salgarello, drums
“Up To Me” – Jethro Tull Cover – w/Israel Varela, drums & Ivo Barbieri, bass
“Mana”, 2013 – Album Teaser – w/Israel Varela & Ivo Barbieri
Luca Dell’Anna Trio – “Abre Los Ojos”

Mana, 2013

“Symbiont” awarded Amongst the best albums 2015 by The Jazz Critique Magazine

Symbiont, 2015