Elisabeth Breines Vik’s “Beginnings”
Elisabeth Breines Vik — Beginnings
Release date : Jan. 08, 2014



Elisabeth Breines Vik – vocal, arrangements
Adam Rapa – trumpet
Luca Dell’Anna – piano
Ivo Barbieri, Alfredo Paixao – bass
“Elisabeth Vik is the kind of budding, young phenom that blooms quite rarely in the music world. Classically trained, and forward thinking, she’s travelled the world gathering a wide array of folk music elements to add to her own unique, tasteful blend.

The release of the EP, ‘Beginnings’ marks the first step in Elisabeth’s endeavor to fuse the traditional music of her native Norway with influences ranging from Contemporary Jazz to Flamenco. And that’s just the beginning… Her spectacular arrangements begin with a world-class piano/bass/drum trio, then seasoned with flavors ranging from sizzling trumpet to earthy Mongolian throat singing, from infectious Latin percussion to etherial Tibetan bowls. All the while she binds these seemingly disparate elements together with stunning vocal prowess.At the heart of her musical vision is a broader goal of promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. Free from the shackles of convention and with a great depth of vision, Elisabeth infuses elements from around the globe to breathe new life and fresh perspective in to her musical heritage


The EP Beginnings is produced by Vik herself alongside renowned trumpeter Adam Rapa: http://www.adamrapa.com/ and features a spectacular rhythm section. On piano, Luca Dell’Anna: http://www.lucadellanna.net/ Bassplayers Ivo Barbieri and Alfredo Paixao, and extraordinary drummer and percussionist Israel Varela http://www.israelvarela.com/, as well as the throat singing phenomenon Alexander Glenfield featured on Heiemo og Nykkjen.

Beginnings is Mixed and Mastered by Jonas Kroon at Phat Cat Studios in Oslo. Recorded by Kroon as well as Paolo Filippi at Cavo Studios In Bergamo, Italy”