Luca Dell’Anna – piano

Ivo Barbieri – bass

Israel Varela – drums




Luca Dell'Anna's "Mana" recording sessions

“Mana” is my latest piano trio album.

The album was recorded at Cavo’ Studio in Stezzano, BG, Italy the 28,29,30 apr 2013. The trio components are Ivo Barbieri on double bass and Israel Varela on drums.

Photo Gallery by Alberto Scarpinato





The CD is published and distributed in Italy by ZoneDiMusica






Afro-Cuban culture deeply influenced my work and style during years, thanks to the encounter with great Cuban musicians and highly competent Italian musicians, that were my teachers and guides through my learning path.

In “Mana” my Afro-Cuban influences are honored in three Guaguancò tunes and a Danzòn.


“Kime” (guaguancò):


“Brujo” (danzòn):


“Mana” (guaguancò):

Israel Varela During Luca Dell'Anna's "Mana" recording Sessions

Having the great Mexican drummer Israel Varela  in the personnel gives me the possibility not only to recreate the exact rhythmical texture for my Cuban-style tunes, but also to explore other Latin American styles, thanks to his deep and wide knowledge of Latin American culture. It was possible to me to include in the album also Tango tunes and a Huapango, a Mexican style of waltz.


“September 23” (huapango):

“Tango ’til I’m sore” (tango):

Enzo Jannacci's "Ma Mi" arrangement by Luca Dell'Anna in his album "Mana"

The album also contains a personal tribute I wrote in memory of the great Italian singer Enzo Jannacci, recently passed away. The song is an arrangement of Carpi De Resmini & Strehler’s Ma Mi, a popular traditional song about Italian’s Resistance during World War II. Enzo Jannacci sung one of the most popular and beloved versions of this song.

I have rearranged the tune with a flamenco-like intention, disassembling the theme in three different keys, located at the same relative distance as John Coltrane’s Giant Steps changes, a major third away one from each other:

“Ma Mi”: