Luca Dell'Anna Trio — Symbiont
Release date : May. 25, 2015
Label : Auand Records

"Symbiont" is my piano trio recording released in may 2015 featuring two wonderful musicians and friends: Danilo Gallo and Michele Salgarello, including 10 tracks all composed by me.

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Elisabeth Breines Vik’s “Beginnings”

Elisabeth Breines Vik — Beginnings
Release date : Jan. 08, 2014

Norwegian singer Elisabeth Breines Vik's debut EP album contains songs from classical composer Edvard Grieg and traditional norwegian songs in a powerful world-jazz and flamenco style, featuring a first class Rhythm Section.

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Luca Dell'Anna — Mana
Release date : Oct. 30, 2013
Label : Zone di Musica

My trio album is an homage to my roots and my passion for Afro-Cuban music and Tango.

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Serena Ferrara, Luca Dell'Anna, Ivo Barbieri — Zancle
Release date : Jun. 01, 2013

The first release of Serena Ferrara's ensemble is a rich world-jazz album featuring prestigious guests

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The Fourth Door

Tan T'Ien - Luca Dell'Anna, Ivo Barbieri, Francesco Cusa — The Fourth Door
Release date : Nov. 01, 2012
Label : Improvvisatore Involontario

Tan T'Ien is an experimental trio featuring Francesco Cusa on drums and Ivo Barbieri on double bass, exploring a structured approach to free improvisation

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Brian had a little Plate

Rootless - Francesco Bigoni, Luca Dell'Anna , Danilo Gallo, Massimiliano Sorrentini, Simone Guiducci — Brian Had A Little Plate
Release date : Oct. 14, 2005
Label : El Gallo Rojo

"it would be difficult to tell in a blindfold test that this is from Italy"

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The Beauty And The Grace

The Assassins - Flavio Zanuttini, Luca Dell'Anna, Francesco Cusa — The Beauty and The Grace
Release date : Apr. 01, 2012
Label : Improvvisatore Involontario

A fearless and brilliant deconstruction of classical Hammond Trio, through funk, free improvisation, to heavy metal and jazz

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Jazz & Movies 2

BJBU - Marco Mariani, Franco Bagnoli, Nicola Pecchiari, Luca Dell'Anna, Eugenio Mugno, Sergio De Masi — Jazz & Movies 2
Release date : May. 01, 2013
Label : ABeat

A rich and interesting work around classic Movies & TV Show soundtracks through the different eras of jazz

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We Are… Here?

N.E.T. - Alessandro Degasperi, Luca Dell'Anna, Ivo Barbieri, Giorgio di Tullio — We Are... here?
Release date : Sept. 01, 2012
Label : Raffinerie Musicali

A sophisticated yet energetic and immediate approach to Jazz-Rock

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The Black Beat Movement

The Black Beat Movement — The Black Beat Movement
Release date : Jan. 01, 2013

I am proud of having been invited by this amazing young band to record some Rhodes tracks on their E.P.

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Groove Laboratory

Giorgio di Tullio Groove Laboratory — Giorgio di Tullio Groove Laboratory
Release date : May. 01, 2013
Label : Raffinerie Musicali

Groove Laboratory is the last release from drummer Giorgio Di Tullio featuring all original compositions in a groovy fusion style with elastic melodies and driving rhythm patterns.

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The Bear Bros

The Bear Bros — The Honeysuckers from The Green Valley
Release date : Dec. 01, 2010
Label : RAI Trade - VideoRadio

"The Bear Bros" was one of the first works from the brilliant Blues Guitarist Stefano Ronchi featuring some Blues Standards and original compositions.

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Mama Suya

Mama Suya — Mama Suya
Release date : Sept. 01, 2012
Label : USR

I am happy to have recorded some additional Rhodes and Hammond tracks on a powerful and inventive album from this energetic trio of my friends. Take your time and have a listen to this album where tradition, rock and funk blend in a powerful mix.

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Simple Graces

Michelle Chappel — Simple Graces
Release date : Feb. 04, 2003
Label : Beautiful Things Records

Back in 2003 during a passage in Italy of the American songwriter, businesswoman and multitalented artist Michelle Chappel I've had the occasion to play the piano in this beautiful and inspiring album.

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